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Timeless Thread Design

Custom Memory Quilts, Custom Pillows, T-shirt Quilts, Hand Embroidery & Other Quilted Items, Hand Crafted Just for You!

Custom memory quilts and hand embroidery work are some of the best ways to preserve one's memories. Whether you're thinking of a Memory Quilt or a Memory Pillow, these personalized pieces of art actually tell their own story. Working with a large variety of fabrics from clothing, patches, hats and other personal fabric items, I specialize in creating these one-of-a-kind pieces of art and making them special for you. Detailed and personalized attention is given to each individual piece, ensuring that each final product meets your expectations. Thus, giving every quilted item it’s own character and feel, designed especially for you with your taste in mind.

T-shirt Quilts are yet another wonderful form of Memory Quilts. Whether the t-shirts come from childhood, school years, concerts or places and events a person has been to, this is a wonderful way to use and display your collection of t-shirts. While at the same time keeping your heart, soul and body warm with comforting and loving memories.

Custom Hand Embroidery work is yet another unique item I offer. Whether a hand written note, a drawing, or even something typed up in your favorite font, a large variety of stitches are available. Allowing your Hand Embroidered piece to help in commemorating a quilted item or to stand alone. Timeless Thread Design would love to create something unique for you.

Being wrapped in a warm quilt created from your loved one's personal items can at times feel like being held in their arms. By incorporating pockets, labels, name badges and other personalized fabric items, loving memories tend to become stronger and more comforting over time. Through my own personal experience, this can be immensely helpful in the healing process associated with grief. Here at Timeless Thread Design one of the main goals has always been to be able to help you through this healing process.

  • Items that may be used to make a quilted piece:
  • Old work shirts with name tags, patches or badges
  • Shirts/jackets with pockets that you remember getting candy out of as a child
  • Dad’s favorite old ties, suspenders, even hats
  • Jeans, slacks, shorts
  • Grandma’s old aprons or gloves
  • Wedding or honeymoon items
  • Old handkerchiefs, doilies, even beaded or cloth purses
  • Ribbons from awards
  • Unfinished quilt tops or blocks someone was making
  • Items with buttons or any types of embellishments
  • Old baby clothes
  • A theme using new fabrics
  • Any fabric specific to a loved ones personal life
  • Some hand embroidered items available:
  • Labels for quilted items
  • Labels for specialty clothing
  • Customized quilt blocks
  • Pictures that can be framed

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The quilts and memory pillows arrived today! They are safe and sound - no issues whatsoever. And they are spectacular!!! I was so emotional - took me awhile to catch my breath - they are so beautiful - so special - so well done - the colors, patterns, edging, backing, embroidery and quilting - all of it - just perfect. I am thrilled! I plan to present them to the kids this weekend, and I am sure they will love them. Thanks again for all your efforts - what a blessing. I recommend you unconditionally!Lynn
Thank you so much for all your hard work on the quilt and the pillows. I have had a chance to show them to many people and they think they are beautiful too!!! My daughter and granddaughter were very surprised and pleased with their pillows too. Thank you again for all your beautiful work!! Everything was much more beautiful than I even imagined!!!! Thank you for the beautiful keepsakes!!!!!!Judy ~ Minnesota
Thank you so very much for my beautiful quilt. It is truly a peace of art I'll cherish forever. Every person who has seen my quilt is amazed by the detail and neatness of your work, and even more amazed at the speed you completed it...Shereen S. ~ California
Amazing! Amazing! How was I blessed enough to find you? To capture all our memories in a tangible way…Amazing!Mona P. ~ California
The quilts are absolutely beautiful! I can’t thank you enough. The craftsmanship is remarkable and we are really happy to have them. Again, thank you so much!Shannon K. ~ Tennessee
The memory pillows came out fantastic!!! Thanks for doing such a great job!Toni Z. ~ New York
I got the quilt…I love it…I have been wrapped in it ever since…this is the most special thing I have of my sisters… Thank you so much…words can not express how comforting this is to me…Bless You.Jack H. ~ Florida