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Timeless Thread Design - Memory Quilts and Hand Embroidery Work Hand Crafted Just For You!

My specialty is custom memory quilts. I feel it's one of the best ways to preserve memories and pass them down for generations. Stories about the families and people they are made for. Remember, a memory quilt is a personalized quilted piece using fabrics, clothing, patches, etc. Anything that belongs to the person/persons that you are honoring or remembering. Each quilt has its own character and feel, designed especially for you with your tastes in mind.

Pre-made hand crafted quilts, wall hangings, baby quilts and other unique gifts are also offered by Timeless Thread Design. Specializing in detailed, personal attention, helps to ensure the final product meets your expectations. Whether your quilt is a gift to celebrate a new baby, a wedding, or to provide a one-of-a-kind centerpiece to your interior design, your quilt by Timeless Thread Design will become a special family heirloom, cherished by you and yours for years to come.

Hand Embroidery work is another unique item offered by Timeless Thread Design. From simple to elaborate, a wide variety of stitches are available. Be it a Hand Embroidered Label helping to commemorate a quilted piece, to a stand-alone item that can be framed; Timeless Thread Design would like to create something unique for you.

Quilting and doing Hand Embroidery work for many years, I have enjoyed designing numerous works of art for many people. I myself, Geneva Ruth Dawson, after going through my own personal losses of family members, made the decision to use their clothing to make quilts. Customizing each quilt with its own personalized Hand Embroidered Label.

By incorporating pockets, labels and name badges, enables loving memories to be that much stronger. Being wrapped in these warm quilts has been like being held in the arms of the ones we have loved. Thus, helping immensely with the healing process. Here at Timeless Thread Design, one of my main goals is to be able to help you with your healing process.

Items that can be used to make a unique quilt:
*Old work shirts with name tags, patches or badges
*Shirts or jackets with pockets that you remember getting candy out of as a child
*Dad's favorite old ties, suspenders, or even hats
*Grandma's aprons or gloves
*Wedding or honeymoon items
*Old handkerchiefs, doilies, even beaded or cloth purses
*Unfinished quilt tops or blocks someone was making
*Items with buttons or any other types of embellishments
*Old baby clothes
*A theme using new fabrics
*Any fabric specific to a loved ones personal life

Some hand embroidered items available:
*Labels for quilted items
*Labels for specialty clothing
*Customized quilt blocks
*Pictures that can be framed

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