The Truth Behind Quilt Sizes

Most people think of quilts as coming in a variety of bed sizes (“King”, “Queen”, etc.), but this is actually a very common misconception! In truth though, a custom quilt is usually based upon square inch. Reason being; quilts are made in such a very large variety of sizes. With many of these various dimensions, they can be used and displayed on several different size beds.
For Example: The flat surface of a queen size bed measures 60″x 80″. So a quilt that measures 80″x 80″ will not only display nicely on a queen size bed, it can also be displayed nicely on a full size bed (flat surface being 54″x 75″) on up to a king size bed (flat surface being 76″x 80″).
So what a person should ask themselves is, how will this quilt most likely be used? After being asked this question, often times people end up going with what I call an “oversized throw”. Something measuring anywhere from 72″x 72″ on up to 80″x 80″.
The reason for this is the versatility in use of the quilt. With a quilt that ranges anywhere within these dimensions, a person can display them nicely on just about any size bed from a twin on up to a king size bed. While at the same time, it can be used to snuggle under on the sofa, keeping the the average person covered completely. Yet, at the same time, not having the bulk of a larger quilt.
Lastly, a quilt that falls within a large throw size is still able to be easily hung for display on a wall.