Materials That Can Be Used In Quilts

Memory Quilts are a great way to preserve one’s memories. From honoring an individual to commemorating an event, memory quilts can become a functional piece of art. Whether you choose to wrap yourself in your quilt, display it on a bed or hang it on a wall, every memory quilt has it’s own character and feel.

Many times, people don’t realize the variety of items that can be used to create a memory quilt. Because I specialize in working with a variety of fabrics, I have found that the use of multiple materials often times makes a quilt that much more beautiful as well as comforting.
Here is a list of items to consider for use in your Memory Quilt:

~ Old work shirts with name tags, patches or badges
~ Shirts / jackets with pockets and zippers
~ Dad’s favorite old ties or suspenders
~ Baseball caps and other soft sculptured hats
~ Jeans, slacks, shorts and shirts
~ Old aprons and gloves
~ Wedding or honeymoon items
~ Old handkerchiefs , doilies, even beaded or cloth purses
~ Ribbons from awards
~ Scarves, sweaters and shawls
~ Unfinished quilt tops or blocks someone was making
~ Items with buttons or any other types of embellishments
~ Old baby clothes
~ A theme using new fabrics
~ Almost any fabric specific to a loved ones personal life