Custom T-shirt Quilts

Custom t-shirt quilts are a great way to use and display any collection of t-shirts.
How many of us end up with piles of t-shirts we have collected over the years? From high school and college days to concerts and our travels in life, we almost all collect t-shirts.

Most of the time, those t-shirts end up being set aside and never used. Yet, the thought of parting with these precious memories is heart breaking. Custom t-shirt quilts and pillows can be the answer to this problem.

Be it a collage to a traditional large block design layout, incorporating your t-shirt collection into a custom quilt and/or pillow is a great useable way to display all those wonderful memories.

Whether you decide to incorporate baseball caps and other clothing items or stick strictly with your t-shirts; Timeless Thread Design would love to work with you in creating a special one of a kind Custom T-shirt Quilt and/or Pillow just for you.




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