Time for Creating a Quilt

Creating a quilt, any quilt, takes time. However, most people do not realize the time involved. Yes, there are some quilt tops that take longer than others. The size and the design usually play into this greatly. Yet, this is only part of the process in creating a quilt.
All quilts have many stages they must go through before they are finished.
Common stages include:
~ Designing the Quilt Top
~ Preparing the material to be put into the Quilt
~ Piecing the Quilt Top
~ Sandwiching the Quilt (The process of preparing the quilt top, backing material and the batting to be quilted.)
~ Quilting the Quilt (Sewing the quilt top to the backing material with the batting in between.)
~ Attaching the Binding to the Quilt (Binding: The material that goes around the outer edge of a quilt, covering up the raw edges.)

Now keep in mind that this list is just the basic stages for any quilt; many quilts have other aspects to them, such as embroidery work and hanging sleeves. Again adding time to the process of creating a quilt.

At Timeless Thread Design, people can expect a four to six week turn around time on most quilts. The first week is spent designing, preparing and piecing the quilt top. After this, the quilt top, backing material and batting (what goes in the middle of the quilt adding warmth and depth) are put in the line-up to be quilted. How busy the person is that does the actual quilting will also dictate the amount of time it takes for the quilted piece to be completed. The average time is two to three weeks. Once the quilt is quilted, within a week it is usually able to have the finishing touches added for a final finished piece.
Thus, it takes some time to create a quilt.

The Comfort of a Quilt

Jan. 4th, 2016
There is nothing like the comfort of a quilt! Even as small children, a good majority of us had our special “blankey”. It gave us that emotional security that nothing bad could happen to us, as long as we could wrap up in it.
Memory quilts seem to add a little something extra to that same security and comfort that we all long for. Whether created from our own clothing, reminding us of our own past experiences or belonging to a loved one that may no longer be with us, allowing a person to feel that they are wrapped in that loved ones arms. The comfort of a quilt is something that words can truly not describe. It can only be felt. Not just with the body either, but with the heart and the soul.

With a passion for designing and creating quilted items, here at Timeless Thread Design I delight in being able to shape your most cherished memories into that special quilt for you.