A Wedding to Remember

Preparing for a wedding to remember can bring a fair amount of stress on its own, but doubling down on a wedding during a global pandemic makes the daunting task unthinkable. Due to Covid-19, this year traditional 150-500 person weddings have been slashed to immediate family and close friends. Even that number is limited and more and more couples combat Covid stress by simply bypassing a public wedding completely. 

All across America with elopements on the rise, the cherished wedding ceremonies are in danger of being lost to the couples who planned a 2020 wedding.  In a traditional wedding, a new bride and groom share vows and promises in front of their guests. This social event includes close family and friends as a testimony of their commitment and love. The guest’s job is to “stand witness to” and “support” the bride and groom’s commitment. Guests are to share in the joy of the newlyweds, creating a memory of the day of their wedding.

wedding to remember

So how can we honor the newlywed’s union if we are unable to share the moment?

Giving the standard gifts (say a silver salt & pepper set) seems somehow out of place when it comes to mailing a gift to the newlywed’s home. Giving money can work, but will have little to tie the gift to the importance of the marriage, nor will it instill the warmth and good memories as a wedding gift should provide.

wedding ring to remember

So how do we give a gift with deep meaning to an engaged or newlywed couple? Whether it is from you or a group of family/friends, you can give a beautiful custom-made quilt that incorporates the couple’s most precious moments together to be cherished for years to come.  At Timeless Thread Design, I can take lovely sentiments from friends and loved ones and create designs depicting key moments in their relationship; for example,

favorite date, flowers, pets, the proposal, jokes, cityscapes where the couple met, and more. Whether a traditional wedding quilt pattern or custom patchwork, I craft with even more sentiment by using mementos and materials from the couple.

The goal is to hold tight to the importance of the wedding event celebrated by many despite being separated by Covid-19 and to provide a lasting memory of love and support of the newlywed couple. 

So take hold of the time-honored wedding tradition of quilt giving with Timeless Thread Design. It would be my honor to stitch a beautiful and lasting gift of a quilt that warms the newlywed couple and reminds them of your constant encouragement and support on their wedding day and beyond.