A Year to Remember

A year to remember! 2020 will be a year that we will not be able to forget; a pandemic, riots, fires, floods, toilet paper shortages to mention just a few. *Whew!* I don’t know about you, but I appreciate a pick-me-up during these unprecedented times. I am awed by the many people who have risen above the difficulties to find love, humor, and joy through it all. These amazing individuals inspire us to also see the power of the human spirit, so I wanted to tip my hat to them by sharing this heartwarming video. It was created by the Boston Children’s Chorus in collaboration with Denver Children’s Choir, Children’s Chorus of Washington DC, Gondwana Choirs Sydney and Cincinnati Boychoir: A song by Andra Day, “Rise Up”.

During isolation, I continue to sew custom quilts through the pandemic and have expanded into custom Teddy Bears. When I have a moment to sew face masks for my community, I do. It’s meaningful to me to share my talents with others. I hope that the joy, warmth and safety that I provide benefits others.

Custom Bear

When I think of this year, as we are now in the fall season I have wondered how this year will be remembered. Will it be a reminder of sorrow, fear, and loss or those moments we have overcome – and have “Risen Up” to benefit others? I am contemplating making a 2020 inspiration quilt to remind myself of those hidden (or not so hidden) moments when during all this craziness, someone cast the light of kindness, love, and assistance. I would love to have your input on what you would put in a quilt block that represents this to you. Please email me your stories and thoughts. 

If you would like a 2020 Remembrance quilt to help you remember the greater events in your life this year as well, please contact me at info@timelessthreaddesign.com and let me know. I would love to be a part of your stories of growth and overcoming these hard times. I know your family will appreciate the legacy of your memories in a beautiful remembrance quilt.