About Geneva Ruth Dawson

Hello, my name is Geneva Ruth Dawson. I live in a small rural community along the beautiful Columbia River Gorge called The Dalles. We are surrounded by mountains and border a mile wide river. A better place for artistic inspiration would be difficult to find.

Sewing since I was 9 and working with quilts for over the last 30 years, I have always enjoyed designing and working with different textiles. Over time sewing and especially working with the quilted items has become a passion for me. I love to be able to design, create and or recreate things. Through out the years I have worked many of the aspects of the quilting world. This has included designing, hand and machine piecing, appliqué work, hand and machine quilting, hand embroidery, even restoration work of antique quilts. Not wanting to limit myself, sizes have ranged from small tabletop items, pillows and wall hangings, on up to king size quilts.

Rememberance Of Those We Love | Memory Quilts

After the loss of my husbands Father and his Brother, I was asked to do something with their clothes. So, I turned the clothing into quilts for him and the rest of the family. Leaving pockets, labels and name badges in place so that they could be seen and used. Working with a very basic design, as requested, these first “Memory Quilts” were a valuable and practical way to honor those we love who have passed.

Geneva Ruth

Wrap Yourself In Comfortable Memories

Little did I know how much importance and value would be gleaned from my simple talent. I am overwhelmed at the response from people who use these memory quilts to heal from their loss, later to find great joy in remembering shared times:

A memory quilt helps surface and retained remembrances such as:

~  a favorite fishing hat – brings memories of boat outings and camping.

~  the patch of a flannel shirt – evokes memories of times of comfort

~  work-shirt pocket with name badge – speaks to a consistent presence and support

~  a patch from a hunting jacket – reflects back to hunting trips shared.

There is a joy to wrap yourself in a patchwork of the memories of your loved ones.

Since then, I have made many quilts, and all have been very special to me. I am honored that people trust me to such an important task.  I have learned that most people like to commemorating a quilt with Hand Embroidery work as a unique way of keeping the memories of their loved ones close.

I would be pleased to make a custom Memory Quilt or other quilted item for you with your memories. Please email or call me and I will be happy to discuss your ideas and needs.

Thank you!
Geneva Ruth

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  • Personalized Service

    I work with you in design while lovingly preserve your precious memories. All of my work is handcrafted with care.

  • Hand & Machine Quilting

    The quilting process helps keep the batting in place, and adds texture and design to your quilt, pillow or wall hanging.

  • Hand Embroidered Work

    Hand Embroidering creates priceless heirloom that can be passed down to further generations. Whether the embroidery is placed front and center, or discretely in the back or corner, it serves to provide the name and date of the quilt for what could be 100 years or more.

I look forward to hearing from you!