Acquiring Precious Memories

Acquiring precious memories is something we as humans all seek throughout our lifetime.  Many of us attach these memories to mementos we gather through the years.  Only this morning I read about a father who had taken his two young daughters to visit a Florida theme park.  Midday, he took a rest at the ball pool so his girls could play. The girls happily jumped into the 4’ deep pool of plastic balls. While the eight-year-old ran through them,  the youngest, a 4 years old, was so taken by the balls that she claimed an armful to call her own. As she began to wade through the chest-high ball pool, she lost her balance while refusing to surrender her precious load,  she vanished under the colorful sea of balls. 

precious memories, balls

The father, as an adult, was not allowed in the pool.  Thus, was unable to fetch his daughter and she was too far into the pool to try to fish her out. Their back-and-forth conversation consisted of the father begging, cajoled, and finally scolding the daughter to let go of the balls so she could stand up and walk. His tiny daughter flatly refused and remained stubbornly buried in the balls even through tears. The exasperated father finally received permission to climb into the pool to gather up his daughter – balls and all.

Though this story made me laugh. It also reminded me of how we all can tightly hold onto items in our life, no matter how they can trip us up and even prohibit free movement. I have stacks of books, kitchenware, and even furniture that I could/should let go of. Each move over the years, I pack them up and haul them to the next place. They take up needed space, and yet, like the little girl, I refuse to part with them. 

Are you the same? Perhaps you too are holding on tight to an armload of favorite clothing, hats, and other items made of fabric that makes life more difficult to wade through. I can help! Consider turning your stack of old cloth memories from a hindrance into a benefit by turning them into a valuable keepsake quilt. Those pile(s) of concert T-shirts, flannel shirts, too-small outfits: Your favorite armfuls can be turned into a beautiful memory quilt to be enjoyed!

So, here’s to the blessings of letting go! I hope your days are filled with easy wading and colorful moments, open spaces and useful memories. May this spring be one of decluttering and mastering, holding fast to beneficial items that you love. Remember, here at Timeless Thread Design I am ready to give you a hand by turning armfuls of your memories into a treasured quilt.