Alone Together

Last post we explored obtaining our goals and dreams when life throws us a curveball. Well, I cannot imagine a greater curveball than what the world is going through today with the pandemic. Our country is facing a crisis, and we are together – even if alone together – through it all. I feel quite inadequate to address such scope, so I would like to rely on my grandmother, who was a woman of great wisdom.

alone together

Lessons that my grandmother taught me from living through past crisis:

  1. Take it day-by-day: When we look to the larger future, it can be overwhelming. Trust that today is in your hands.
  2. Lay your worries down: It is okay to have cares in this world, but it is not okay to carry worry. If you believe in God, then set your worries at His feet. If not, then visualize setting your worries down, then walk away. Take a deep breath knowing that future worries cannot be fixed; they are simply out of your hands and off your shoulders.
  3. Take joy in the little things: In our busy world, small wonders fade. During ‘COVID-Pause’ take time to do small kindnesses for those you love. Reconnect and take joy in a fleeting smile, laughter, and even the peace at hand.
  4. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today: Finally, use this time to focus on your life goals. You have the time – and we don’t know how much time we do have ‘alone together’ – to do something wondrous. Even if that something is writing a poem, sending a letter, cleaning your dresser, or painting a room, or a picture! Dig deep into your heart of dreams and DO something to fulfill your dreams, hopes, and goals.

Most importantly, I hope you and your friends and family are safe and healthy during this crisis. Remember, this too will eventually come to an end.  Life will go on.