Baby Quilts Make Wonderful Quilts

baby clothes quilt

Baby quilts have been around almost as long as babies themselves. Because children or grandchildren are only a babies once, parents do everything they can to remember those precious times. With Timeless Thread Design, you can commemorate the birth of your own little bundle of joy with a wonderful keepsake made from baby clothes and fabric. Reusing baby clothing in a custom quilt not only recycles material, but makes the perfect memento of the little one’s arrival. Get inspired by the baby quilt ideas below and let’s work together to make a perfect memory quilt.

A First Year Chronicle

 Any parent knows that babies quickly outgrow all their clothing. Now that your child is older, you’ll have plenty of outfits, onesies, jumpers and pajamas left over from their first year of life. All these can be incorporated into an adorable quilt commemorating their first 365 days.

A first year holiday quilt is easily constructed from first year outfits. You probably have old Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving clothes that can be put together into a cute, quilted display. Such a quilt not only looks great, but serves as a permanent reminder of special days in your child’s first year.

Photogenic Moments

All babies are naturally photogenic, though not always cooperative. When they’ve outgrown the clothing they wore in special photos, don’t throw them out. Instead, let me turn them into a photo quilt.

I can take the clothing from special moments captured in photos and repurpose it into a quilt by including items worn in newborn photos, first steps pictures, vacation photos, and pictures from religious ceremonies.  A baby photo quilt looks especially great when displayed next to the framed photographs themselves.

Bib Quilt

 Every baby goes through a ton of bibs during childhood. Some of them will never be able to shake the stains from those carrots or peas, but many look thoroughly clean after a washing. Once your child no longer needs them, bibs make the perfect material for a keepsake baby quilt. I can arrange the bibs either chronologically or in a larger pattern.

Baby Blanket Quilts

Blankets are the go-to gift for any new mommy or daddy. You probably have dozens of them, and they can all be reused in a soft, commemorative baby quilt. Whenever you see it or put it next to your face, you’ll remember what it was like to bring your baby home from the hospital or rock him or her to sleep.

With a little creativity, I can help you create custom quilts that will always remind you of time your child was a baby. Since those are days you can never get back, at least you can still keep the memories strong.