Bear Paw Quilt Block / Give Away

Creating beautifully designed quilts is nothing new.  There are some traditional piecework quilt block designs that date back to the settlers of our country. Among many of these various  designs are names such as Log Cabin, Drunkard’s Path, Tulip, Nine Patch and Bear Paw quilt blocks.  It is wonderful to be able to work with these assorted quilt block designs, knowing that they harken deep into America’s history.

The word quilt comes from the Latin culcita meaning a stuffed sack. However, the word quilt came into the English language by way of the French word cuilte. During the earliest years in America, quilts were created with hand woven fabrics by the Colonial women. Seldom were they used strictly for beauty as they served a more utilitarian purpose to keep their families warm. As more settlers arrived bringing various influences from their home country, quilting styles were as varied as were settlers and were shared with one another.

During World War II, creating quilts was one of the many various ways people used to raise money to help support the Red Cross. The “signature quilt” was especially popular. In a signature quilt, business people, store owners, and citizens of a community would pay a small fee to have their names hand embroidered on quilt blocks. The more personalized each quilt was, the more valuable they became. Many quilters became adept at personalizing their quilts to honor their small towns and cities.

Although many quilts over the years have been simply tied. The tradition art of “quilting” (sewing the quilt top to the quilt back) has been kept alive with the love of countless personalized designs.  Traditionally, the “quilting” was done by hand sewing. Today, many quilts are “quilted” with a machine. By machine “quilting” an item, a much larger variety of materials can be used in creating both traditional and modern quilt block designs.

Every three months, here at Timeless Thread Design, I give away a finished quilt block.  A name is drawn from all of the wonderful people that have signed up for my Quilter’s Corner.  The next giveaway will be November 1st, 2018. However, already I have been working on the quilt block for that will be given away on February 1st, 2018.

Bear Paw Quilt Block

To honor our American quilting heritage, I have incorporated a variety of materials into a historical Bear Paw design. However, to honor the true heart of a quilter’s ingenuity, thriftiness and personalization, I am featuring pockets from a flannel shirt, as well as, decorative stitching from a pair of denim jeans.

To share my love for quilting and my creative process in the form of a custom handmade quilt is one of my greatest joys. To keep this wonderful tradition alive is my calling. Please let me know how I can create a personalized quilt for you.