Memory Pillows

“Memory Pillows” are another great way to preserve your memories. With a large variety of fabric items to choose from, as well as traditional to modern design layouts, your custom memory pillow will look and feel like a one-of-a-kind, personalized piece of art.

Pieced and quilted on both sides, these pillows are a fun way to display and preserve those sentimental items; from clothing, to old scraps of fabric. Enhanced with our signature hand embroidery work, a memory pillow can even tell a bit of a story. Thus, adding life to any room it is displayed in.



Documenting a Quilt

Documenting a quilt is much more important than most people realize.
If a quilt is put together and cared for diligently, it can last 100 years or more! With proper documentation, information about a quilt that might be easily lost or forgotten over time, can be preserved for generations to come.

The way that I document quilts is with hand embroidery work. Reason being is, hand embroidery work seems to stand the test of time very well. Your hand embroidery work can be placed on the front or the back of a quilt. Being done by hand instead of machine, the documentation can be anything from a picture to a hand written note.

By putting the year a quilt is created, whom or what the quilt is about, you can be sure that future generations will have knowledge of the treasure they have.

Here are a couple of examples:





Starting a Memory Quilt or Memory Pillow

Memory Quilts & Pillows are such a personal item. I feel that they deserve a very personal touch.

Because of this and the fact that there are several things that go into coming up with an estimate for any Memory Quilt, what I have found that seems to work the best is, to set a date and time for a phone appointment. I ask that you be in front of your computer while we are on the phone. Thus, allowing both of us to be viewing the same thing at the same time. This also allows a chance for me to get all the information that I need to give a very accurate estimate (usually by the end of the phone conversation). This also allows you a chance to ask me any questions you may have. After that, most if not all of our conversation is done via email (unless you request otherwise). This includes not only your estimate in writing, but pictures of the progression of your quilt(s), as well as final product pictures. Please let me know a date and time that works well for you. Also, please let me know if you would like for me to call you or if you would prefer to call me. As I do not like to call people without an appointment.