Levi Memories

Disposable? Or Memories in the Making

Disposable? Or memories in the making of a Custom Memory Quilt? I grew up in a family which passed down clothing from older siblings to the younger. We patched our jeans and mended our shirts and shoes. (Some of you may remember that shoe repairmen are called “cobblers.”) We gathered together to hand make our Christmas […]

Quilt-making Art

Is Quilt-making a Dying Art Form?

Is quilt-making a dying artform?  Is this magnificent form of craftmanship vanishing? It used to be that these beautiful works of art were part of everyday life. The ebb and flow of country life was stitched into the warp and weft of fabric providing textures, colors and warmth for those who owned them. Quilts represented […]

Thanksgiving Pie

Thanksgiving Blessing Quilt

One of the most celebrated holidays in America is Thanksgiving Day. It is a time for a relaxed gathering of family and friends. We use Thanksgiving as a time to strengthen existing relationships and to forge new ones. Typically, we sit around a table loaded with food, but we all know that it is the […]