Levi Memories

Disposable? Or Memories in the Making

Disposable? Or memories in the making of a Custom Memory Quilt? I grew up in a family which passed down clothing from older siblings to the younger. We patched our jeans and mended our shirts and shoes. (Some of you may remember that shoe repairmen are called “cobblers.”) We gathered together to hand make our Christmas […]

Custom Bear

“A Year to Remember”

A year to remember! 2020 will be a year that we will not be able to forget; a pandemic, riots, fires, floods, toilet paper shortages to mention just a few. *Whew!* I don’t know about you, but I appreciate a pick-me-up during these unprecedented times. I am awed by the many people who have risen […]

alone together

Alone Together

Last post we explored obtaining our goals and dreams when life throws us a curveball. Well, I cannot imagine a greater curveball than what the world is going through today with the pandemic. Our country is facing a crisis, and we are together – even if alone together – through it all. I feel quite […]