Levi Memories

Disposable? Or Memories in the Making

Disposable? Or memories in the making of a Custom Memory Quilt? I grew up in a family which passed down clothing from older siblings to the younger. We patched our jeans and mended our shirts and shoes. (Some of you may remember that shoe repairmen are called “cobblers.”) We gathered together to hand make our Christmas […]

significant moments

Preserving Significant Moments

Life is made up of many moments, and as you know, moments can easily get lost with time. Preserving significant moments, such as a Graduation, is important to us all.  What better way to celebrate the accomplishment of a child’s or grandchild’s graduation, than to wrap them up in a quilt made from their memorabilia? […]

quilt of healing, recovery and love

Quilts of Healing, Recovery and Love

Many times in life, nothing seems quite so overwhelming and disheartening, than the helpless feeling one gets when a loved one becomes ill or hurt. The feeling is even worse when the illness promises to be chronic or life threatening. My first reaction is always wanting to make it better for that person, somehow. This […]