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Quilt Care

There is nothing better than snuggling under a warm custom quilt and knowing that your family can enjoy the same quilt for generations to come. Whether your quilt is relatively new or has been in your family for quite some time, with the correct quilt care it can last for years to come. Preserve your […]

The Best Way to Care for Your Quilts

When I make a custom quilt for you, I want that quilt to live in your home and be a part of your life for years to come. At Timeless Thread Design, I use materials for memory quilts that reflect your personality and a real sense of who you are. Unfortunately, being made of textiles, […]

Hanging Your Custom Quilt

Quilts make any home feel warm and inviting.  They can even add a special touch of unique decor by being displayed hung on a wall.  That is why I like to offer the option of a Hanging Sleeve for on the back of any quilt that I create.

Hanging Sleeves lay flat when not in use.  They are made from the same material as the rest of the back of your quilt.  So when not being used, you don’t even notice them.  However, whenever you wish to display your quilt on a wall, you’ll be able to simply run a dowel through the top of it.

Decorative or hidden hooks on either end of the dowel support your quilt.  This allows the weight of your quilt to be dispersed evenly a crossed the dowel and helps your quilt hang evenly.  More importantly, it keeps your quilt in good repair.

You should never hang a quilt for any length of time using thumbtacks or spins.  All the weight of your quilt will be hanging by these small pin wholes.  Over time, this can cause damage to the quilt.  This is especially so for antique quilts orheavier quilts.

For Quilts Without a Hanging Sleeve

I highly suggest that you use some form of a quilt rack for display, there are several different styles available.  From a clamp style that runs the length of the top of your quilt to a simple rod that the quilt is folded and draped over.   For quilts without a Hanging Sleeve, I highly recommend the use of a quilt rack.