wedding to remember

A Wedding to Remember

Preparing for a wedding to remember can bring a fair amount of stress on its own, but doubling down on a wedding during a global pandemic makes the daunting task unthinkable. Due to Covid-19, this year traditional 150-500 person weddings have been slashed to immediate family and close friends. Even that number is limited and […]

significant moments

Preserving Significant Moments

Life is made up of many moments, and as you know, moments can easily get lost with time. Preserving significant moments, such as a Graduation, is important to us all.  What better way to celebrate the accomplishment of a child’s or grandchild’s graduation, than to wrap them up in a quilt made from their memorabilia? […]

School t-shirts & more quilts

School T-Shirts & More, Quilts

School is upon us along with all the after school activities such as football, baseball, volleyball, drama, choir, chess club and so on … it can be frustrating having to flip the bill for all that ‘School Spirit’ in the form of School T-Shirts, emblems, badges and caps. Let us not forget, all of those […]