Designing New Quilts Based on Objects

quilt with VW Bus theme

If you’re having trouble thinking of a great idea for a custom quilt design, or just want to try something new and fun, consider ordering your next Timeless Thread Design quilt with a design that differs from the traditional norms of interlaced patterns and repeated geometric shapes.

In many families, a specific object can hold very significant meaning. Formulating a quilt design around that object can create a truly unique piece that represents your family more than random shapes ever could.


Choosing the Object

When choosing the object or symbol to base your quilt around, consider something that would immediately be recognizable to the member of your family and those who know you well. This shouldn’t be something that merely “looks cool.” It should be something that triggers a memory of an event or special stage in your lives. Or it could represent a pastime that has been part of your family for years and years.

Take the time to choose an object that will take your mind to a special place and give you positive feelings and memories every time you look at it.

Objects Based on Events

Basing your custom memory quilt around a particular event can immediately take you back to that place and time every time you see it. For instance, I could create a quilt with a VW Bus at the center of it – just like the VW Bus you drove in your epic road trip around the United States right after you got married.

Or maybe you took that once-in-a-lifetime trip to Africa and you want to commemorate it somehow. I can create a collection of fabrics and pictures that remind you of your unbelievable trip and arrange them to fit inside the iconic outline of the continent.

Objects Based on Pastimes or Hobbies

Perhaps you have a pastime or hobby that you or your family is really passionate about. This activity takes up a good amount of your time and brings a ton of joy to you when you participate in it. Well, that’s the perfect thing to commemorate on a quilt!

If you enjoy deer hunting with your family and friends, I can create a quilt based around a majestic 12-point buck. If team sports are more your thing, I can create a football on your quilt with fabrics from shirts and jerseys of your favorite team. Or if one of the kids played soccer, I can attach a soccer ball applique to a quilt and stitch in the jerseys he or she wore throughout the years of their soccer career.

Let the Imagination Run Free

With object based quilts, you may find it hard to come up with a good object to create a quilt around. However, after you think about a for a few minutes, you’ll likely come up with several fantastic ideas, and the hard part will be choosing just the right one. With my experience, I can also help guide you and let you know what type of object will work best within the framework of your custom memory quilt.