Get Ready for Winter Quilt Weather

apples for winter quilt inspiration

It’s August and many of us are experiencing the heat of summer. Grass is getting that weathered look and has begun to brown. Some of us can still enjoy a lazy day in front of the pool, while others – like me – are experiencing the first chills in the air of the coming autumn.

I’m sure most everyone can vouch that as soon as summer reaches its zenith, the tides turn, and autumn comes in a landslide. Before you know it there’s frost on the ground, rain, and cold winds. Windows, that have remained open during the summer, are now shut against the deepening cold weather. Season after season, we experience these shifts in nature.  We respond by pulling out old thick blankets and quilts to fight off goosebumps and morning chills. I know this may feel like a long way off, but for those who like to be prepared … it is time to place your order for your brand new custom winter quilt.

Most of us have tucked away favorite sheets tops and other comfy favored fabric that are dreadful at heat retention (Plus they don’t do us any good tucked in old dressers or closets!) Or maybe we have a happy throw with colors that were just perfect for the couch in the living room, but it now has a coffee stain from Aunt Edna’s visit. These items can be rejuvenated into throw-sized winter quilts (or any size really) that are perfect to curl up under with a book and a hot cocoa.

These special fabrics are tucked away like trinkets in a box, in a sense that they’re not always good in regards to usefulness, but they are kept because they make us happy. We can have the finest cloths in the world but if they’re locked in a chest … they are not going to keep us cozy. However, we can give these fabrics a second life and refresh their usefulness as a fun winter quilt.

So, if you’re sipping an iced tea by the poolside, or picking summer tomatoes for a fresh salad, I bet you’re not thinking of the coming autumn and cold weather. However, it is precisely the right time to think of sending those unique fabrics to me so we can repurpose them into a lovely winter quilt!

Steps towards getting your winter quilt:

  1. Gather your favorite fabrics from chests, dressers, and closets
  2. Give me a call 541-980-6909
  3. I will help you decide on a quilt design.
  4. … and mail your fabrics to me.

That’s it! I will return a custom, handmade quilt right to your door. It will be ready to fight off the chills for many winters to come.

Every quilt I create is crafted with the goal of bringing to life the quilt of your dreams. And with autumn waiting around the corner, now is the time to send in your order. When the first snow hits and icy blast chills arrive …  you’ll be prepared to cocoon yourself in the warmth of a winter quilt. Winter is coming, and I want to do my part in assuring that you enjoy a pleasant and cozy experience.

Do you know of someone who has a collection of fabric? Share this and send them to Timeless Thread Design website! Let’s clear closets and create beautiful winter quilts this summer.

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