New Goals and Dreams

new goals and dreams

New goals and dreams. Our feet are now firmly planted in 2021, yet at times it can still feel like 2020.  However, this year seems more important than others after the hardships of 2020. Because of this, just for fun I looked up the numerological value of 2021. In numerology it states that this year is one of new personal initiatives, change and growth. Great! No matter what life brings 2021’s changes can pull us out of a rut with fresh initiatives to our lives. I like that idea. Change brings new goals and dreams that can improve our life and help us focus on the most important things.

We look at new year resolutions in the same light, changes we would like to make to improve our lives. For many of us, this past year has provided some challenges that we may need to respond to. The soil has been tilled and is providing an opportunity for a walk through the garden to bear witness to new growth in our lives.

Here is my short list for the year:

  • Enter each new day as a unique opportunity.
  • Enhance all of my relationships with added kindness.
  • Take nature walks as through the eyes of a child.
  • Give to others in need.
  • Continue to create each custom quilt as an act of appreciation for its intended owner.

Daily we have occasions to enhance our lives and the lives of those around us. I would love to hear of your new goals for 2021. Maybe one of your goals is to revamp a room in your home.  In doing so you may find yourself in need of a custom quilt, a special pillow or even a uniquely adorable custom teddy bear.  Maybe it is time for you to empty a closet of cherished memories in the form of clothing and/or other items made of fabric. At Timeless Thread Design, I am here to help.  Creating a treasured memory quilt from all those precious items can breathe life back into those fond memories.  Allowing yourself and others to find warmth, comfort and joy on a daily basis from items that were just stored away.

crown royal teddy bear

Life is for living!  It is time to start moving forward with our new goals and dreams in life. Take it one step at a time. It is 2021, anything is possible.  

All my best to you and yours in 2021!