Goals in Life

As human beings, we can dream big dreams. Our capacity to imagine is one of our greatest assets – in fact, it is our greatest strength. Imagination feeds our souls more than any other aspect in our lives. And yet, as we grow our imagination can be suppressed by circumstances, actions of others, missed opportunities. Life throws us curveballs and we find our dreams becoming a little bit smaller and more distant. Perhaps we have lost the drive, or have become tired from trying, or even a bit frightened by the memory of past failure. We sometimes find times in our lives that need a boost – to dare to dream again.

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Albert Einstein said:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.

But what do we do when our imagination becomes lost to the daily grind of life of keeping food on the table, tending to sick kids or aging parents? People perish without dreams, we are made to have goals in life. We are built for them. Without great dreams, how can we become great people? Each of us have the capacity for dreaming – no matter what our age or circumstances.

My dream is to help inspire others through the work of my hands. For twenty-three years I have stitched cherished memories into quilts and given them to the people who loved them. I have quilted perhaps thousands of blankets, and I imagine them covering beds, folded on sofas, and tucked into cupboards – hoping they are still in use and still appreciated.

As I sit writing this, I am snuggled in my own quilt looking out at the outside world blanketed in snow. I so appreciate those who put their trust in me – and gave me a chance to fulfil my dream. I humbly thank you all.

I now want to challenge you to be inspired again. Perhaps your dreams that were shelved for whatever circumstances. Brush them off and set them before you. They may require a little modification, but they can be shiny and true – and fill you with hope. Perhaps my next dream will be fulfilled by you. My goal is to create a Dream Quilt stitched together with each quilted square filled with your hopes and dreams. A quilt of imagination that is made to inspire you when life throws a curveball – a quilt to keep you dreaming and inspired.

I wish you a refreshed imagination filled with big dreams.