Golden Memories Without Technology

Thanksgiving without Technology

Today, with Thanksgiving around the corner, I headed to the store to pick up Thanksgiving supplies. I wanted to pick up items early to avoid the mad crush of Thanksgiving shoppers. I thought about the decorations at Thanksgiving table, what wine to buy, and if I missed anyone’s favorite dishes. So I was quite preoccupied until I looked down the shopping aisle and every single person in line had their attention glued to their mobile screens.

Mentally I fast-forwarded to images of my own family’s Thanksgiving meal, and I wondered how many of my family would be so engrossed in their phones that they wouldn’t notice the patchwork tablecloth that I made, or the matching napkins. Their attention elsewhere, they may not fully enjoy the taste of the turkey, which I planned to brine a full day before cooking.

I was reminded of a video that I watched recently about Millennials in the workplace by Simon Sinek, and how engaging in social media and cell phones release a chemical called dopamine (both addictive and numbing), the same chemical produced by smoking, drinking and gambling. An interesting comment was that both tobacco, gambling and alcohol have age restrictions, but technology does not.

no cell phones pleaseI realized how damaging those little communication devices of conveniences have become the enemy of the close-knit family and healthy development.  So I decided to make some rules, which may not be all that welcome this Thanksgiving. I will ban all mobile devices at our Thanksgiving meal, by collecting them at the door.

There comes a time when a family needs to show love to each of the members. It may not be the most favorable action at the moment, but the best in life are seldom offer quick (no-investment) rewards. Perhaps that is why I value handmade quilts so much. They remind us all that quality takes time. Microwave turkey meat cannot compare to the 24-hour brined, slow-roasted bird. A store-bought machine quilt will never compare to the delicate stitchings of a custom made-by-hand quilt, onto fabric thoughtfully picked out by you.

Join me in honoring the meaning of Thankfulness this Autumn. Keep a basket by the door for technology, and a warm hand-made quilt on the sofa (made by Timeless Thread Designs of course!). Both truly honor your guests with the timelessness found in a close-knit family.