Your Custom Hand Embroidery to Order

Timeless Thread Design offers a variety of Hand Embroidery work for documenting your quilted items or any other specialized projects. Since each quilted item is designed and created especially around each individuals wants, needs and desires, I feel that the Hand Embroidery should do the same.

Dating a quilted item, I feel is very important! After all, if taken care of correctly, your quilted item could last 100 years or more. By dating and often times commemorating your quilted piece, Hand Embroidery work can help to create a priceless heirloom that can be passed down to further generations. Whether incorporated into the top of your quilt, standing alone on the back or featured as a centerpiece on any other item, either way it personalizes your art piece.

Be it an elaborate design to simple wording or even a hand-written note, your choices are almost unlimited. Simple or elaborate, Timeless Thread Design offers a wide variety of stitches, with the Hand Embroidery. All Hand Embroidery work begins with a minimum of $40.00 and will vary from there, depending upon size and how elaborate you wish to get.