Handmade Beary-Huggable Teddy Bears

Beary-Huggable Teddy Bears

For a few years now, I have enjoyed making custom stuffed bears for friends and family. I just love how they feel, how they are squeezably soft. I decided to offer my handmade Beary-Huggable Teddy Bears to the public after a visit with my new friend, Katie. She had received a custom-made gift bear while in the hospital … and I was saddened to see that the bear’s stitching was loose and in a few areas already coming apart, shedding bean-bag beans all over the chair!  Shame on that seamstress for giving such a substandard product. Of course I took the bear home for a proper re-stuffing and repair.

It was during that time I decided to offer my custom bears to provide a high-quality alternative to those others. The specifications for the bears are below:

  • Bears sit 12″ tall, just under 9″ wide & 8″ deep, at the base
  • Bears are lined with a tightly woven cotton fabric ( Because of this, most any type of fabric can be used to create your teddy)
  • Bears are sewn with a high grade 100% cotton thread
  • Standard bears have plastic craft eyes and a felt nose.  (Other options are available upon request.)
  • Stuffed with quality Poly-Fil (Made in USA)
    • 100% Recycled Polyester
    • Washable & Hypoallergenic
    • Superior resiliency, smooth consistency
  • Care:  Most are Machine washable on gentle cycle with warm water, Air dry or tumble dry on air or low heat setting (This may vary, if fabric used to create bear is a dry clean only.)

Average cost for your custom-sewn Teddy Bear is $200 (Crown Royal: $250) Hand Embroidery is available for an additional fee

How to get started on your Beary-Huggle Teddy Bear?

If you have a particular fabric(s) in mind, please gather them up and call me (Geneva), here at Timeless Thread Design. I will talk with you regarding acceptable fabric amounts and choices.  


  • Bears can be made from your chosen fabric, whether store-bought or from recycled fabric from your favorite robe, shirt, or a mixture of any ‘huggable’ fabric on hand. 
  • Sorry, leather cannot be used.
  • Crown Royal fabric can be provided.

I will send shipping instructions for fabric. Mail your fabric to me along with instructions:

  1. Eyes/nose … standard or custom request
  2. If more than one fabric is requested, denote where each type of fabric goes on the bear. (Example: Gray feet and ears, red plaid belly.)
  3. Hand embroidery work requested along with location (Example: Right foot: Grandpa, Bum: Love Mom & Dad)

I will send photos of your completed bear. Only after your approval are you asked to pay for your Teddy Bear. Your Teddy will be shipped after receipt of payment.

Beary-Huggable Teddy Bear

Welcome your Beary-Huggable Teddy Bear to his New Home.