Is Quilt-making a Dying Art From?

Quilt-making Art

Is quilt-making a dying artform?  Is this magnificent form of craftmanship vanishing? It used to be that these beautiful works of art were part of everyday life. The ebb and flow of country life was stitched into the warp and weft of fabric providing textures, colors and warmth for those who owned them. Quilts represented the hopes of the young, and in other cases the tragedy of lost dreams. Today historical quilt museums stand as a monument to the lives of past pioneers who settled our country from around the world.

Quilts were traditionally made by young maids as part of their trousseau in preparation for married life.  Additionally, quilts were made to celebrate and depict stories of momentous occasions: the birth of a child, the gift for a marriage, and so on. The tradition quilts appear quaint to us now, and quilt-making has dropped in importance as mass-produced machine-made quilts are spit out of China, India and Indonesia. True there are quilts made by hobbyists – many of which languish unfinished in air-tight bags and tucked deep in the bottom of drawers

Quilting is not as prevalent in today’s society, but quality quilting is appreciated by many as

old quilt in chair

true artwork. Although it may appear to be a dying art there are a few who dedicate their skills to maintaining the tradition of quilting, such as myself, here at Timeless Thread Design. There is nothing quite like the rich texture and beautiful designs that are thoughtfully created into a handmade quilt. 

Quality always trumps quantity every time! 

When you request a handmade quilt from Timeless Thread Design, you can be certain that you will possess a truly unique gift. The pattern, the material, the significance is all for you and your family to enjoy.

I take all the materials (whether provided by you or not) to craft a beautiful story – your story – that will be appreciated for years to come. To own a hand-made quilt by Timeless Thread Design, is to possess a piece of history that can be passed down through generations. Your quilt keeps alive this historical artform and can develop an appreciation in your children, and perhaps your children’s children.

Traditional quilt-making will never be a dying artform as long as quality never goes out of style.