Disposable? Or Memories in the Making

Disposable? Or memories in the making of a Custom Memory Quilt? I grew up in a family which passed down clothing from older siblings to the younger. We patched our jeans and mended our shirts and shoes. (Some of you may remember that shoe repairmen are called “cobblers.”) We gathered together to hand make our Christmas ornaments and popcorn/cranberry strands that decorated our trees. During WWII, the community members who were not fighting overseas, washed and rolled bandages to be shipped back for use for our wounded soldiers. We worked together for the good of the entire country. In fact, America’s history is based on conservation and sustainability. 

Today conservation and sustainability seem to serve as political statements. We have disposable income for disposable items from paper and plastic plates and utensils to newly purchased pajamas that only last a few months before they end up as rags, or worse yet in our landfills. We teach our kids to throw away or “recycle” our quality working items in favor of the newest model of toys, phones, cars, and more. Family belongings are not a series of ‘throwaways,’ but tell a history – our history as a family, community and country. Today the items we trash are replaced with more ‘disposable-quality’ trash. As old items are left behind so is vintage quality. How many of you remember what a real pair of jeans feels like? The denim was so thick it took months to break in – after which they fit like a glove and would last for years. (No wonder we had hand-me-downs!)

Levi Memories

At Timeless Thread Design, I design memory quilts from your beautiful fabrics – those historical to you and your family – to take something of your family’s past and bring it into a useful item today that will last into the future. By using your older garments in a traditional memory quilt, you are practicing conservation and sustainability in a true historical fashion. Together we can beat back disposable in favor of traditional methods of making our quality items last for perhaps generations to come. Beauty and conservation goes hand-in-hand at Timeless Thread Design. Call me to help you keep your traditional fabrics, designed into a new and beautiful quilt.