Message In A Bottle Baby Quilt

We live in a high-pressured world with fast food, instant messaging, cell phones, and online purchases. Instant gratification can be rewarding.  However, the sacrifice is the richness, depth and complexity that can only be realized over time. This is true in many things … compare a warm, hearty stew with a fast-food burger; a hand-kilned pottery mug over a mass produced cup; or a custom hand-crafted baby quilt over a dyed imitation made in a third-world country for a big chain store.

Today, we live a disposable lifestyle where mass-produced items are found across the world. Buy a table, rug, towel or even some quilts, and there are tens of thousands of the same one across the United States and elsewhere. Wait long enough and you can find many of these items at a second-hand store, or worse yet sticking out of a garbage can. Why not? It took so little thought to purchase, and even less thought to replace it. (Yes, setting aside all the good intentions of recycling, what is really worth keeping nowadays?)

baby quilt

I speak to soon-to-be and young parents about what values they want to instill in their little ones. Chances are, if they call me, they want their child to learn of quality, hand-crafting, tradition, and the time-honored rewards of real craftsmanship. These parents may shy away from wrapping their child in a blanket from questionable origins and materials. Instead, longing for a one of a kind, beautiful custom quilt for their beautifully unique child.

Not just a handmade quilt, these parents understand that as their baby grows, these custom quilts can be a “message in a bottle” filled with secret meanings to share:

kissing baby quilt

This quilt block was created from the shirt that daddy wore when he asked your mommy on our first date.” or …

This quilt block is filled with fabric from mommy’s clothes when she was a little girl.” or …

These fabrics were selected by your grandparents, and each one they chose with love for you.

Babies grow into toddlers, and then young children, teenagers, and into adults. Giving them a thoughtful, handmade custom baby quilt will provide a gift that is filled with richness, depth and complexity that can be cherished throughout their lives. This same quilt can be hugged by your child who has grown into a teenager during her first heartbreak, or support your adult son when he grapples with life’s decisions – “what would grandpa do?” A custom handmade baby quilt will serve as a reminder of your love and hope for your child.  

Although things around us may seem to be disposable, your love and the life of your child is not!  Here at Timeless Thread Design, I want to work with you to create a special one of kind custom baby quilt for your child.  A quilt that will keep your child warm both physically and emotionally throughout their lifetime as well as into future generations.