Patterns Within Patterns – Infinite Quilt Design

Custom Quilts are typically based on a particular type of pattern. These patterns can be simple or intricate, but either way, their creativity and beauty shines through. At Timeless Thread Design, I design quilts that match your personality and provide a piece of art crafted specifically for your family. So why are patterns typically incorporated into quilts?

Humans Naturally Appreciate Patterns

Since the human brain is wired to recognize visual patterns, it’s no wonder that patterned artwork was some of the earliest art created by mankind. In fact, mosaics, art made up of tile patterns, were first made over 5,000 years ago. Even today, stunning art is still created across many mediums, including memory quilts, by the use of repeating patterns.

While I can create highly personalized t-shirt quilts and quilts that incorporate fabrics unique to your family, not everyone wants a quilt like that. You may just want a traditional patterned quilt that looks dazzling and is all your own. In fact, using patterns gives you a practically infinite variety of interplaying colors and motifs to choose from. I can make use of patterns within patterns to create layered, complex, and visually-appealing quilts that draw the eye and please the senses.

Broken Dishes Pattern Quilt

There are multiple types of individual pattern blocks that can be used in quilting. Take the Broken Dishes pattern, for instance. It looks complex at first glance, but when broken down into its most simplistic parts, it is simply a square with one triangle in a single color and the second triangle in a contrasting color. This repeats, continually flipping the image, to create a larger square with lots of visual appeal. The more color contrast, the more visually arresting the image becomes. I created a quilt with this pattern titled, “A Sash of Broken Dishes.”

Friendship Star Pattern Quilt

Another popular pattern block is the Friendship Star. It consists of eight small squares, with the middle line both horizontal and vertical, splitting the small square into two triangles of contrasting colors. The overall pattern gives the impression of a star that would look lovely alternating with a simple plain block.

Bright colors can really make the star pop on the quilt you’re creating. My “A Spinning Dream” is an example of this pattern.

Pinwheel Pattern Quilt

One type of pattern block that is really eye-catching is the Pinwheel. Consisting of four squares, each individual square is halved into two triangles quilted in different colors. The color arrangement is only limited by the imagination. I could continually alternate the same two colors throughout your entire quilt, or use a completely different color for each individual triangle as I go through the pattern.

It’s enough to make someone dizzy with the possibilities. Custom Quilts are actually quite personal.  They are representing a part of you, your life, your family.  It is extremely important that you feel free to ask for the use of any particular quilt pattern and/or design that may catch your eye.  Here at Timeless Thread Design, “success” means your final product is pleasing to you.