Picnic Season!

I know that early this 2019 many Americans suffered through seasonally-late storms. Many people in the Midwest and the East have endured much worse storms than we have had, here on the West Coast. My heart and prayers are with everyone recovering from Mother Nature’s tirades that roamed across our fair country!

Although not as severe as many parts of our nation, here in Oregon, Mother Nature treated us to a number of storms. Snowstorms in February and March, with rainstorms in April brought tremendous flooding, downed trees, collapsed roofs, and a lot of hard work ahead of us. However, for the past couple of weeks the sun has begun to peek out and dry up the state. The heavy rains now mean lush grasses with recovering plantlife. We now can begin to enjoy sun-kissed pastures and parks that have turned our hearts outward to the open spaces!

This morning I stepped outside – an awed witness to the rising sun, fog dancing through the trees, and dew on the grass that sparkled like diamonds. The growing things are so boisterous that it made me laugh, and prompted a spontaneous desire:

It is a perfect picnic day!

Picnics have always been big in my book. It has always been an inexpensive adventure to take the family on an outing, and a bright getaway for the adults. When my children were younger, we would set the picnic blanket up on a gentle-sloping hillside. The children’s antics as they rolled down the hill was the perfect entertainment while enjoying the homemade fair. (For all you young mothers, I strongly recommend a hillside picnic! It’s the perfect activity to give your child exercise!)

Of course, during many picnics we had to make due without some forgotten item, like a serving spoon, or napkins, and once even the all the silverware!

… And it would not be like me to ignore the PERFECT solution in the folds of a quilt!

Solution:  A Custom Picnic Quilt. Just think, you too can have a Custom Picnic Quilt created to your specifications … consider that it’s beautiful folds can contain pockets for silverware, dishes, salt & pepper shakers, serving silver, all neatly stored, zippered and buttoned-up within hideaways inside your quilt … and don’t forget the matching cloth napkins!

Give me the want list of pockets, the dimensions of your picnic must-haves and I will do the rest:

  • Matching cloth napkins
  • Silverware
  • Paper plates
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Condiment packets
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun lotion
  • And anything you love to have with you on your picnic.

Custom Picnic Quilt

It is my deepest hope that through any mishaps that Mother Nature may have brought to you this year, that you now get to enjoy her bounty. Give yourself a treat … and create a beautiful picnicking tradition with a unique and beautiful Picnic Quilt created here at Timeless Thread Design. They make great gifts and are a practical way to enjoy comfort and the beauty of the outdoor. That way,  when the day is through, the food has been eaten and the hillsides have made your little ones exhausted … your Custom Picnic Quilt has one last job on the way home: To snuggle around your little ones in the backseat as they dream of their hillside adventures!