Custom Hand Quilting & Embroidery Pricing

Memory Quilts (Any Size)Quilts come in any size you desire.

Common Sizes: Twin (70″x95″), Double (85″x95″), Queen (90″x108″), King (110″x110″)

Memory PillowsMany pillow sizes available.
Standard sizes start at 18″ x 18″.
Starting at 18″x 18″, flat rate pricing $195
Memory Pillow Cases or ShamsMany pillow sizes available. Standard sizes start at 20″ x 26″

Cases/shams have quilted tops only.

Standard pillow size of 20″ x 26″ starting price is $195.
Quilt BagsQuilt bags are made of 100% cotton and will protect your quilt while in storage.$40 AND UP
Hand Embroidery WorkHand Embroidery order may include embroidery on the front and/or and back of a quilted item.

I also can hand embroider any design you desire on your quilt, or on a custom embroidered piece.

$40 AND UP, with a minimum of $40.

30 characters (under 1″ tall) for $40. (A character is a single digit, letter or a punctuation. For periods (.) or commas (,) apostrophe (‘) and blank spaces there is no charge.)

Pictures, drawings and other designed are based on size and detail involved.

Rush FeeOptional fee applied to your order. Thank you for your understanding.$125

Custom/Memory Quilts

There are a number of things that go into coming up with an estimate for any Memory Quilt. Each one is unique unto itself. Because of this, what I have found that seems to work the best is, to set a date and time for a phone appointment.
Here are some of the main things that do go into coming up with an estimate for any custom quilt:

Piece Work: The cutting and sewing together of fabric forming a design. The cost of piece work is based on a beginning rate of $29.00 per hour. Please click here for quilt block design ideas.

Machine Quilting: Sewing together and/or composing front pieced fabrics with a backing fabric with batting in between, so that there is a front and a back to each quilt. Cost of Machine Quilting is based upon the square inch. Custom Freehand @ .0525 x square inch or Custom Borders and Blocks @ .06 x square inch.
Hand Quilting is available. Please consult Timeless Thread Design if interested.

Bindings: A perimeter finish around your quilt. Concealing the raw edges of your quilt. Standard Bindings come on all quilted items. These also are based upon the square inch. Standard or Straight Bindings with mitered corners @ .019 x square inch. Scalloped (curved) Bindings @ .029 x square inch. Decorative Bindings begin @ .029 x square inch; this may vary depending upon difficulty.

Batting: The material that goes in between the front and the back of your quilt making it warm and giving the quilt a bit of fluff.
Battings will vary in cost between $15.00 per yard to $27.00 per yard. The batting to be used is something to be discussed before being chosen. 100% cotton, cotton/polyester blend or 100% polyester. Often times the fabric that is to be used in making the quilts will help determine what type of batting you will want to be used in your quilt.
*Any fabric that I need to provide in order to complete the quilt will be an additional charge per yard.
Additional Notes: Please keep in mind that you are not limited to the sizes shown in the pricing table. Also, for wall hangings and other small quilted items, there is a $75.00 minimum on piece work. $75.00 minimum on quilting and a $50.00 minimum on bindings.

Custom/Memory Pillows

Memory Pillow sizes are usually dependent upon the design chosen for the pillow top. All Memory Pillows are pieced and quilted on both sides. Standard pillows are sewn 18″ x 18.” If you have a special design or size requirements, please contact me for pricing.

All pillows are made with a zipper in the side so that the pillow form inside can be removed for care. Pillow form inside is included in the flat fee. However, Hand Embroidery Work and Shipping & Handling are not included in the flat fee. All Memory Pillows come with care instructions.

Custom/Memory Pillow Cases/Shams

Memory Pillow cases or shams can be made to your specifications. Most cases/shams have quilted tops only. These covers/shams are special design with your size requirements, please contact me for pricing. Standard pillow size of 20″ x 26″ starting price is $195.

All pillow cases/shams do not include a pillow. Hand Embroidery Work and Shipping & Handling are not included in the flat fee.

Custom Quilt Bags

Quilt bags are made from fabric for storing your quilt. They’re meant to help protect the quilt while allowing it to breathe. If possible, quilt bags are made so that they match the design of your Custom Quilt. Prices vary due to size, Hand Embroidery Work, Appliqué or extra Piece Work. Starting at $40.00, Shipping & Handling not included.

Custom Hand Embroidery Work

Hand Embroidery Work is a great way to customize any material item. Be it a quilted item to your own special personalized project. Hand Embroidered Work begins at $40.00 and will vary from there, depending upon the size and how elaborate you may want to get.

Quilts Needing A Home

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