Quilt Bag to Protect Your Quilt During Storage

Thank you for visiting my Custom Quilt Bag Gallery!

Quilts have a special timeless quality – and if you would like yours to last 100 years or more, storage is of the utmost importance. I am happy to make your quilt bag to match your quilt, and using a fabric that is also used in the quilt. A matching quilt bag sets your quilt apart from other linens, protects it, and makes it easily identifiable.

Please never store your quilts in plastic bags, especially for any length of time! 

Quilts need to be able to “breath”. When stored in plastic bags, quilts can often draw moisture. The moisture gets trapped in the plastic. At that point, the moisture can and most likely will turn to mold and / or mildew. Once either one of these gets started in material, it is almost impossible to get out.

The best way I have found to combat this is to store quilts in a quilt bag.

Quilt bag pricing run a flat fee depending upon the size. All quilt bags are custom  made just for you, but also include:

  • 100% cotton fabric – and added custom fabric to match your quilt
  • Drawstring top

* The only thing that runs extra on them would be any Hand Embroidery Work or extra piecework / appliqué added to the quilt bag.