How To Care For Your Quilt

There are generally two different views when it comes to the cleaning care for most quilts. Some prefer hand or machine-washing, others prefer dry-cleaning. Unless materials used in a quilt mandate dry-cleaning, Timeless Thread Design avoids this. Dry-cleaning uses extremely high heat. The heat can cause the fibers in your most quilts to break down faster than normal. Thus, shortening the life of your quilt.

So unless otherwise necessary, Timeless Thread Design advises washing most quilts either in a Front Loading Washing Machine, on a gentle cycle or by hand in a bathtub. Either way, using cold to lukewarm water with a mild soap. My preferred laundry soap is Orvas Paste. This can be purchased at most local feed stores by the gallon or at most quilt stores by the pint. It is actually a soap for washing farm animals. So the Orvus is an extremely gentle soap. Two heaping tablespoons is usually more than enough for a full size bed quilt. Another mild soap that works well is Dreft or you can use a ½ cup of white vinegar. The main thing is to use a mild cleaning agent.

Drying Instructions

I highly recommend that you use a low to no heat setting on your dryer, line drying your quilt or laying the quilt out flat to air dry. As stated prior, heat can cause damage to many materials. Specific care instructions come with all Custom Memory Quilts from Timeless Thread Design.

Sunlight Warning

Always remember to keep any quilt out of direct sunlight for any length of time. Direct sun light will not only fade colors, it will deteriorate almost all types of material very quickly.

Plastic Warning

It is also very important to remember that you should never store your quilt for any length of time in plastic. The reason being is that quilts need to breathe. In other words, plastic traps in moisture. Moisture over a period of time in material will turn to mold and/or mildew. Once either one of these get into material, it is almost impossible to get out.
Instead, Timeless Thread Design offers a variety of quilt bags, which can be custom made for you.