Quilting Around The World (Part 2)

“Commercial quilting” is an oxymoron as quilting in and of itself is a custom process. Custom quilts are made around the world for varying purposes from the art of the craft to practical purposes especially for bedding and clothing. China was the first known country to use quilted clothing as a means of added warmth which then moved around the world.

The folk art of custom bedding quilts also varies from country to country. In Egypt there is a heavier influence of the well- known hieroglyphics that can be seen in quilting fashion. China has a “100 Good Wishes Quilt”, that is sewn for newborns with each square containing a desire for the child’s future.

Quilting is art and storytelling combined in one medium. A quilt is far more than a blanket, it is like a painting that is steeped in tradition and influenced by regionally life in the country in which it is made.

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