baby quilt

“Message In A Bottle” Baby Quilt

We live in a high-pressured world with fast food, instant messaging, cell phones, and online purchases. Instant gratification can be rewarding.  However, the sacrifice is the richness, depth and complexity that can only be realized over time. This is true in many things … compare a warm, hearty stew with a fast-food burger; a hand-kilned […]

summertime quilts sport material

Summertime Quilts – Fun & Bright

Most people associate quilts with cold weather. The idea of bundling up into the warm colorful folds of soft cushioned fabrics brings to mind hot cocoa and a roaring fire. However, some of my favorite quilts are lightweight summertime quilts ~ fun & bright, perfect for a warm summer’s evening.

vintage fabric texture

Textures Within A Memory Quilt

So often, it feels almost like a surprise present when I receive the shipment of clothing items and fabrics from a client to make their unique custom memory quilt. It is a grab bag of colors and textiles of various weights and textures.  The cloth could have come from a tailored suit, a prairie dress; […]