Spring Activity Quilt

The Symphony of Spring

People view the spring season in all sorts of different ways. These may be influenced by the weather, family tradition, blooming flowers, bright colors, sports, the list goes on and on. However we each view the coming of spring, there is quite certainly an energy of change in the air, a symphony of spring.

flannel quilt

Flannel Backed Quilted Throw

On cold January mornings I like to bundle up in my quilted throw and drink a hot coffee. My throw is especially cozy because of its flannel backing. It’s been in the family awhile, made with muted tones of blues, purples and browns. It was created from my husband’s father’s flannel and cotton shirts. There […]

New Year's List

New Year’s Resolutions / Live Abundantly Quilt

New Year’s resolutions are a funny thing. We make a list every year of things that we want to accomplish … and find ourselves duplicating that same list year after year. The most common resolutions in America, based on YouGov are: