quilt of healing, recovery and love

Quilts of Healing, Recovery and Love

Many times in life, nothing seems quite so overwhelming and disheartening, than the helpless feeling one gets when a loved one becomes ill or hurt. The feeling is even worse when the illness promises to be chronic or life threatening. My first reaction is always wanting to make it better for that person, somehow. This […]

School t-shirts & more quilts

School T-Shirts & More, Quilts

School is upon us along with all the after school activities such as football, baseball, volleyball, drama, choir, chess club and so on … it can be frustrating having to flip the bill for all that ‘School Spirit’ in the form of School T-Shirts, emblems, badges and caps. Let us not forget, all of those […]

Old Glory Quilt

Glorious Stars and Stripes Quilt!

July is the month of remembering ‘Old Glory’ and the establishment of the United States of America. What better way to pay homage to our national flag than to respectfully incorporate it into our daily life. Couple that with the quilting tradition and we have a perfect match for a Glorious Stars and Stripes Quilt.