Quilts with Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stocking Quilts

Break out those warm quilts, the holiday games and the old family videos, it’s the holiday season! Pass out steaming hot mugs of cocoa with little marshmellows to your family and guests. Some people think that the holidays are for kids, but I would have to disagree. I love sitting by the fire under a […]

winter wonderland quilt cabin

Snuggle in a Winter Wonderland Quilt

Now that Thanksgiving is over and our bellies are filled with all our favorite foods, we set our sights toward Christmas and other winter holidays. Our minds wander to snow-capped mountains, snow-laden pine boughs and icicles that hang from the rooftops. We think of a roaring fireplace and the icy frames of windows that look […]

sorority clothing

GreekU Sorority & Fraternity Quilts

When you think about dressing up for your university gameday, or other school events, you think about Greek U – the coolest and highest-quality sorority and fraternity clothing available. But what happens as time passes and your closet is bursting with last year’s sorority clothes? Or you just have to have the latest fraternity fashions? […]