Bear Paw Quilt Block

Bear Paw Quilt Block / Give Away

Creating beautifully designed quilts is nothing new.  There are some traditional piecework quilt block designs that date back to the settlers of our country. Among many of these various  designs are names such as Log Cabin, Drunkard’s Path, Tulip, Nine Patch and Bear Paw quilt blocks.  It is wonderful to be able to work with […]

tropical quilted window

Custom Quilted Window

Everyone loves a beautiful view from their window.  A custom quilted window allows you to dictate your own magnificent view.  I have a very artistic friend, who I have admired for her ingenuity and creativity. Donna is the type of woman who can look at an old object that has outlived its usefulness, and turn […]

baby quilt

“Message In A Bottle” Baby Quilt

We live in a high-pressured world with fast food, instant messaging, cell phones, and online purchases. Instant gratification can be rewarding.  However, the sacrifice is the richness, depth and complexity that can only be realized over time. This is true in many things … compare a warm, hearty stew with a fast-food burger; a hand-kilned […]