sorority clothing

GreekU Sorority & Fraternity Quilts

When you think about dressing up for your university gameday, or other school events, you think about Greek U – the coolest and highest-quality sorority and fraternity clothing available. But what happens as time passes and your closet is bursting with last year’s sorority clothes? Or you just have to have the latest fraternity fashions? […]

Family quilts and their bonds

Creating Bonds with Family Quilts

As our families grow and the children leave their home to build their own lives, we tend to find less time to spend with one another. Time, distance and busy schedules all play their part in loosening the bonds between parents, children, siblings, and grandparents.

apples for winter quilt inspiration

Get Ready for Winter Quilt Weather

It’s August and many of us are experiencing the heat of summer. Grass is getting that weathered look and has begun to brown. Some of us can still enjoy a lazy day in front of the pool, while others – like me – are experiencing the first chills in the air of the coming autumn.