Beary-Huggable Teddy Bear

Handmade Beary-Huggable Teddy Bears

For a few years now, I have enjoyed making custom stuffed bears for friends and family. I just love how they feel, how they are squeezably soft. I decided to offer my handmade Beary-Huggable Teddy Bears to the public after a visit with my new friend, Katie. She had received a custom-made gift bear while […]

American Tradition

Quilting ~ An American Tradition

Quilting ~ an American Tradition.  Working remotely, designing and creating quilts from my Idaho home, I have been able to gain so much insight from those whose quilts I have created. Whether it be commemorating the loss of a loved one, creating a gift for a graduate, or designing something new, I am honored to […]

A-Lone Ranger

A-Lone Ranger

Greetings from my home to your home. A month ago – a little closer to the beginning of our isolation – I was more sentimental, which led me to share the wonderful wisdom from my grandmother during her times of crisis. Now a month deeper into “Together Alone”, I find myself going a little stir […]