Recent Quilt & Pillow Set

I’m always glad to hear from satisfied clients! Please take a look at some pictures from a recent custom quilt and memory pillow set we did for Lynn.




This is what the client had to say:

Dear Geneva,
The quilts and memory pillows arrived today! They are safe and sound – no issues whatsoever. And they are spectacular!!! I was so emotional – took me awhile to catch my breath – they are so beautiful – so special – so well done – the colors, patterns, edging, backing, embroidery and quilting – all of it – just perfect. I am thrilled! I plan to present them to the kids this weekend, and I am sure they will love them. Thanks again for all your efforts – what a blessing. And yes I will do the social media thing – I recommend you unconditionally!

So Thankfully,

Materials That Can Be Used In Quilts

Memory Quilts are a great way to preserve one’s memories. From honoring an individual to commemorating an event, memory quilts can become a functional piece of art. Whether you choose to wrap yourself in your quilt, display it on a bed or hang it on a wall, every memory quilt has it’s own character and feel.

Many times, people don’t realize the variety of items that can be used to create a memory quilt. Because I specialize in working with a variety of fabrics, I have found that the use of multiple materials often times makes a quilt that much more beautiful as well as comforting.
Here is a list of items to consider for use in your Memory Quilt:

~ Old work shirts with name tags, patches or badges
~ Shirts / jackets with pockets and zippers
~ Dad’s favorite old ties or suspenders
~ Baseball caps and other soft sculptured hats
~ Jeans, slacks, shorts and shirts
~ Old aprons and gloves
~ Wedding or honeymoon items
~ Old handkerchiefs , doilies, even beaded or cloth purses
~ Ribbons from awards
~ Scarves, sweaters and shawls
~ Unfinished quilt tops or blocks someone was making
~ Items with buttons or any other types of embellishments
~ Old baby clothes
~ A theme using new fabrics
~ Almost any fabric specific to a loved ones personal life

Quilt Bags

Quilts should never be stored in plastic. Reason being is quilts need to breathe and plastic tends to draw and trap moisture. When moisture gets into fabric and stays for any length of time, you end up with mold and or mildew. Once either of these gets into fabric, they can be almost impossible to rid of. What I have found that seems to help in eliminating this problem is a Quilt Bag.

Creating a Quilt Bag made of 100% cotton fabric with a draw string at the top allows a quilt to be stored and kept clean while being able to breathe. Whether or not embellished with Hand Embroidery, appliqué of some sort, or even just the use of a matching fabric, the Quilt Bags created by Timeless Thread Design can and often do match the quilts that they are created for.