Quilts of Healing, Recovery and Love

Many times in life, nothing seems quite so overwhelming and disheartening, than the helpless feeling one gets when a loved one becomes ill or hurt. The feeling is even worse when the illness promises to be chronic or life threatening. My first reaction is always wanting to make it better for that person, somehow. This often times turns into, wrapping that person in one of my many quilts. Sharing with that individual, quilts of healing, recovery and love.

Although we all know that illness and even death are all a part of life. I truly feel that most of us recognize that friendships, family, and those people in our lives are far more important than anything else.

quilt of healing, recovery and love

When someone is suffering, we want to give them something solid and something meaningful – a piece of ourselves. We want to show how much we love them. Connecting and sharing, meaning and kindness at times like these is so important!  One cannot let our own or another’s fear/depression rule the time we have together. We must focus on the all-important practical needs and also the more spiritual needs. Both can help uplift our loved ones and help their spirit become more buoyant.

There are some amazingly practical ways people find to help one another:

  • Weekly grocery shopping or taking on other chores
  • Preparing meals that can be reheated on demand
  • Being an extra set of hands to plump a pillow, clean a room, deliver a glass of water
  • Read fun/meaningful stories to one another
  • Reminisce of past events 
  • Just being there to face the fear and shower them with love.

However, often the time comes when you must return home to resume your own life filled with responsibilities. How can we stay close? 

The gift of a quilt has always been a natural way for me to say “I love you and I am here for you – if not in person, in spirit.” Each stitch I make reaffirms my love, hope for healing, and desire to share my heart with those that I love. Over the years, family members and friends have given me “tokens” of their love and appreciation.  Often times, I have been able to incorporate these momentos into quilts. Thus, allowing me to share these precious items and memories with so many others. A constant reminder of my connection and love for my friends and family.

Here at Timeless Thread Design, I specialize in taking other individuals own personal items “tokens of love” and creating heart warming and often times healing quilts for others.  Here are some ideas to enhance your quilt of healing, recovery and love:

  • Allow your family and friends to participate by adding a cloth token of some kind, representing their importance in this wonderful life we share.  A bandana, familiar t-shirt, baseball cap or even a patch of fabric to enhance your quilt of love.
  • Consider having the family members names hand embroidered within a quilt block or throughout the body of the quilt, front or back.
  • Surrender a favored article of clothing for the quilt that may have special meaning for your loved one. ~ The tie given to ‘Dad’, all those many Christmases ago. Or, those well-worn jeans that show the outline of a wallet in the hip pocket.

Your quilt of healing, recovery and love is a perfect way to wrap your loved one in warmth and provide the joy in knowing that you care for them even while you are away.

Please contact me, Geneva Ruth, here at Timeless Thread Design to help you find that perfect ‘warm hug’ for you to share with your loved ones or to cuddle in yourself.