School T-Shirts & More, Quilts

School is upon us along with all the after school activities such as football, baseball, volleyball, drama, choir, chess club and so on … it can be frustrating having to flip the bill for all that ‘School Spirit’ in the form of School T-Shirts, emblems, badges and caps. Let us not forget, all of those head to toe outfits for all the many sporting events and of course the letterman jackets.  Or perhaps your children do other activities such as tennis, swim team, gymnastics, taekwondo or karate … and they have collected belts, caps, bathing suits, or other memorabilia that gets tossed in a drawer over time.  All of this gets even more frustrating when you KNOW that your child will most likely grow out of these items, or move to a new interest within a year or two.

School t-shirts & more quilts

Fret not! Now you can purchase those school t-shirts and all the other clothing items guilt free, by collecting those tokens for a memory quilt that your child will cherish forever. No matter your son or daughter’s age … as they grow and change, their personalized custom quilt will remind them of all the many milestones of their life – all the special items that prompt reminiscing, and may even have motivated them with how much they have grown and learned over the years.  What better gift for graduation?

If you start early enough … the memory quilt can remind your son or daughter how little they were and the friends that shared in their achievements. These quilts can be lovingly passed down from your child, to your grandchild, to your great grandchild, becoming an honored and  treasured family heirloom. Beings that I can make these quilts any size you would like.  A small quilt for your young son’s twin bed may end up gracing your granddaughter’s crib. While even later, exhibiting glimpses of the past as it is proudly displayed upon a wall for many generations to appreciate and admire.  There are few items in this life that can offer the sense of continuity and of family over time, than a custom memory quilt can. 

So splurge … go crazy … buy that drama t-shirt … or invest in those karate belts – your child will love them even more in time, as a custom memory quilt. These will become the best investment that you can give your child as well as future generations. And when you’re ready to have their memorabilia turned into a quality handmade custom quilt, contact me here at Timeless Thread Design. I will make sure to give your child my best efforts for their own time honored custom memory quilt.