Sharing a Give-Away Quilt

Owning and running my own business is very rewarding, but it also can have its ups and downs. There are seasons that are very busy, and others that are not. So I am often left trying to find options to balance out the highs and lows. Timeless Thread Design is just me, so I do not have an advertising budget that some of my ‘competitors’ have. Often times BIG companies farm out quilting jobs – in some cases overseas – while I am truly a country girl creating quilts and other quilted items at home in rural Oregon in an area called The Dalles.

Recently, some of the bigger companies have pushed me down on the search engines, and I needed to find a creative way to get noticed. (Darn Internet!) So, a year ago, I had an idea to increase my newsletter subscribers. I would hold Quilt Block Drawings.

I felt that having a quarterly drawing for a handmade quilt block might be a nice way to introduce my quality custom quilting.  (You can see images of two recent ones here. They work great on a table, or can be hung on a wall.)  As it takes time to create a quilt block, I chose to have the drawings quarterly.  Not wanting to over commit by offering them more often. I didn’t even know if people would be interested in a quilt block drawing.

maple leaves quilt block

Quilt Block Give Away

Well, I have to admit, I was surprised at the nice reception these drawings have had. However, I had not expected a side benefit from the drawings: It was fun! It is rewarding finding people who appreciate my work and are willing to subscribe to my newsletter. (These are only one-a-month. I do not clutter email boxes!) I have met some wonderful people who share my values and love of real quality quilting.

Asking for your help!

So after ‘dipping my toe’ into this option and experiencing a year of successful drawings, I wanted to jump in with both feet.  However, I need your help! Please share this drawing with your friends!

I will continue holding quarterly drawings for Quilt Blocks.  Including every subscriber into a drawing for this Large Throw, an Irish Chain Quilt measuring 78” x 78” – image here. (Those of you who are already in my subscriber list will automatically be added to this drawing.)

How can you help?

Please share this Quilt drawing on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by email to all your friends.  ENTER DRAWING

Your sharing this post will help be able to reach out to others.  Helping me overcome the difference in advertising budgets with the bigger companies – and will also point people to real American handmade custom quilts!

The drawing for this wonderful quilt will be held November 1st, 2019! I am super excited to see who will win! It is beautiful.

give-away quilt

Thank you for sharing this post and helping me promote my custom memory quilts!

Geneva Ruth