Preserving Significant Moments

Life is made up of many moments, and as you know, moments can easily get lost with time. Preserving significant moments, such as a Graduation, is important to us all.  What better way to celebrate the accomplishment of a child’s or grandchild’s graduation, than to wrap them up in a quilt made from their memorabilia? At Timeless Thread Design I create custom quilts featuring a large variety of personal items.  Badges, baby clothes, costumes, activity memorabilia, event and school, and team t-shirts: from sports jerseys to concert clothes; I can turn all those favorite clothing items into a comfortable storyboard of your child’s life. 

Creating a quilt for a child’s graduation, from Kindergarten to College, can incorporate all that young individuals hopes, dreams and desires. Their life, dreams and ambitions ahead of them, just waiting to be fulfilled.  Perhaps the child wants to be an astronaut, a firefighter, a doctor, or even the President. What dreams may be, may come true.  Maybe there is a devotion for the Arts, or a love for animals and nature.  After all, at this stage in life, the-sky-is-the-limit. For, an individual can become or do anything they want, given the drive and opportunity.   What a better way to inspire a young mind, excite a passion, as well as create an heirloom for them?  A quilt inspired by your child’s passions, artwork, photos and yes; clothing, will tell a story of love and infinite potential for a young life. 

significant moments

Imagine looking out at a stadium full of dressed up fans with their university attire and merchandise.  How wonderful would it be, to pull out your own custom quilt that not only embodies team spirit but also celebrates personal history and accomplishments? A custom quilt can be a great addition to any sporting event.  Among other things, an item that is uniquely your own. Not only can your custom quilt feature your school or team colors, but also the mascot, earned patches, or other fabric items.  All of which will keep both your body and your heart warm.

There are many forms of graduations in life, graduating from the cub scouts, martial arts, to school graduations, and more. Regardless of what kind of graduation in life it may be, if it is worth remembering, it is worth commemorating in a custom quilt.

So consider gathering all those mementos: The baby clothes, the cub scout uniform, karate outfit, Halloween costume, school and concert t-shirts, those favorite old jeans, snazzy silk ties and that treasured baseball cap. All those items that bring back such wonderfully fun memories. Then be sure to contact me here at Timeless Thread Design. Let’s get started on that custom quilt for your graduate!