Snuggle in a Winter Wonderland Quilt

Now that Thanksgiving is over and our bellies are filled with all our favorite foods, we set our sights toward Christmas and other winter holidays. Our minds wander to snow-capped mountains, snow-laden pine boughs and icicles that hang from the rooftops. We think of a roaring fireplace and the icy frames of windows that look out into our winter wonderland.

In my little corner of the world in rural Oregon, the home of Timeless Thread Design, I look out at the quiet stillness of winter – the golden brown of puddled leaves that circle the maples like abandoned skirts as they prepare for their long winter sleep. The ground not quite frozen, still the grass crunches underfoot. In winter the riot of summer and autumn have been replaced with a more solemn beauty.

winter wonderland quilt cabin
winter wonderland quilt snow bird

There is something comforting and a bit romantic in these winter scenes. When one spends her time sewing quilts (yes, that is me), winter is a good time. The custom quilts I create remind me of their purpose on days like these. Their unique and colorful blocks, so pretty to the eye, also serve to keep warm the little loved ones as we tuck them snuggly into quilted folds. They cover our shoulders and laps as we chat in front of the fire, or give us warmth as we sleep in our beds.

Some of my favorite designs depict the seasons. A winter wonderland scene on a quilt often will bring happy snow days indoors. Many times I will sew a custom memory quilt from a loved one’s winter clothing: mittens, snow beanies, gloves, jackets, and even socks. Some people love this season as much as I do – and they send me fabric that caught their eye on sale, or provide gently-used fabric from Christmas past. Still others send me a bit of both. And in the magic of creating the quilt, I stitch reminders of loved ones into fabrics that allow for moving forward into new experiences to remember and enjoy.

winter wonderland quilt snow berries

The trick is to imagine being bundled up within the warmth of a winter wonderland quilt – and how that would appear to you as an absolute: I LOVE THIS QUILT. From the design to the colors and textures … all the details matter to me because they matter to YOU.

So from my little corner of the world to yours, I wish you the very best this winter season. May your day be filled with joy and thankfulness, and may your shoulders be warmed with the beauty and comfort of a hand sewn custom quilt.