Spring and Summer Seasonal Quilts

Spring Summer Quilt

Oh the colors of spring and summer! Time to dust off the winter, shake off the cold, and change the bedspread! Many of us get into the spring cleaning mood, but we have to settle for the same colors that saw us through the winter. Of course this begs the question: Why not spring-ify your bedroom with a beautiful new custom quilt!? When thinking about changing seasons, it is natural to bring outdoor colors inside, and nothing better than a spring or summer seasonal quilt to brighten your home up after a long dismal winter. Plus, by working with Timeless Thread Design, we can work together to create not only a beautiful seasonal quilt that gives your home pizzazz, but also create a family heirloom to pass on to your family.

Colors Have Meaning

Have you ever thought about color to present a picture of a mood, or a memory? Vibrant spring and summer hues and colors can bring a seasonal quilt alive. Green is a rich color that adds a feeling of new life – a fresh start including healing and growth. A splash of ocean blue can transport you to your favorite island beach, bringing feelings of peace, calmness, and tranquility. Bright yellows bring feelings of joyfulness, energy and cheerfulness and can transform a drab room into a FAB room. Experiment with colors of spring and summer to help eliminate the winter blahs! (Not good with colors? No worries! I can help you combine the perfect visual piece for you – just drop me a line.)

Seasonal Quilts Bring Wonderful Memories

Spring and summer are full of childhood memories. During spring cleaning, you may open up old photo albums of family memories and get transported down memory lane. In the process of sprucing, you may find long-used garments of your kids, spouse, a favorite beach towel, hat, or other fabric article that you just cannot throw away. The truth is you do not have to toss those favorite fabric memories! You can send them to your custom memory quilt specialist and Geneva will make you a beautiful and personalized quilt. Remember the lazy river rafting moments; the cabin on the lake; beach days full of sand and fun! Bring these special memories into your home with a beautiful seasonal quilt for you or a family member. PS … it makes a perfect gift!

Custom Seasonal Quilt Art

Colors of the spring and summer season sing to our souls, and custom seasonal quilts warm our hands and heart. Each quilt is a work of art. Let’s create a beautiful piece of art for you and your family and generations to come. Bring new life and color into your home with a new and affordable custom seasonal quilt for spring and summer today!