Staying Connected With A Family Quilt

snow heart of a family quilt

As our families grow and get older, we tend to find less time to spend with one another. Soon enough, the members in our families will have their own lives busy with families, work, and activities. Often times our extended family time is lost – relegated to an occasional holidays, as the years tick on by.

It is our family traditions and our family’s shared memories that serve to bridge a connection over both time and distance.  A custom memory quilt is a wonderful way to memorialize these precious moments we have shared with each other, bringing the family closer!

There are so many ways to personalize a custom family quilt for your family. Do you still have childhood clothes hidden away in storage? Reuse old baby clothes and other materials around the house to brighten up your quilt! More than just meaningful, your quilt can literally be made of snapshot moments that your family will cherish.

Were your children in Little League, gymnastics, swimming? How about those t-shirts of trips you took to the Grand Canyon or the top of the Empire State Building? Does digging through the winter bins of gloves and mittens remind you of snow days in the past, or of a family ski trip? All of these memories can be stitched together to form a family collage of traditions and memories. The possibilities and remembrances are limitless!

A custom quilt is the perfect gift, especially during the winter months – when dark skies and cold weather gives us the blues. Our memories sustain us; they prompt storytelling and conversation all the while promoting cuddle time on the couch! Giving a meaningful quilt can be highly rewarding. As passing down oral histories of olden years, you too stake a claim to your family’s history … and pass it down to those you love. There is no greater gift than giving the sense of continuity, meaning and belonging to one another.

snowman for a family quilt

Take time to unplug from the modern world this winter. Spend time going through your home’s nooks and crannies to rediscover your family’s thread-based gems. Experience the textures, colors, and memories they bring. Then give me a call at Timeless Thread Design, and I will craft these fabrics into a custom quilt (or two, or three) for you and your loved ones. Your heart will warm as you give your family something they can cherish for years and generations to come.