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Spinning Star

Graceful decorative machine quilting, done in a dark green colored thread, displays vines and leaves throughout the light pink linen background.  Serving to enhance the quilted rose and leaves, set in the main body of the spinning star.


Featuring the same floral printed chinz fabric as used for the spinning star, the backing of this quilt block features a hanging sleeve and is decorative.


Matching the green colored linen on the front of the quilt block, this quilt block has a French Binding. Encompassing all the outer raw edges, giving a beautiful final touch to the quilt block.


Bringing both the pinwheels and the spinning to star to life.  A dark paisley knit fabric from a skirt is folded and sewn to stand out from the quilt block.  Enhancing a look of movement along with a 3D affect.


A beautiful floral chinz is only enhanced by the machine quilted rose and leaves, anchoring the quilt block.

Irish Chain Quilt Drawing

All subscribers will be automatically entered in the November 1, 2019 drawing for this Irish Chain, Large Throw Quilt measuring 78 x 78 inches

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Drawing held November 1st, 2019

This fun variation of a Spinning Star Quilt Block, is up for grabs. Please subscribe for a chance to win!
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Measuring 26″x 26”, this charming quilt block is slightly whimsical and fun.  Spinning like the hands of time, the spinning star features a dark paisley knit next to a beautiful floral chintz.
Reaching out from the quilt block with a 3D affect, each paisley knit piece is folded and sewn into place.  While including the pinwheels set in the opposite corners, the stand alone look accentuates movement.
A pail pink linen from a woman’s dress suite, along side another green linen fabric, provides a perfect background for the dancing star and pinwheels.
Supported with a dark green thread, used for the decorative machine quilting.  The leaves and vines wind their way around the edge of the quilt block.  While the center of the spinning star is anchored with an elegant rose and leaf design.
Machine pieced and quilted, this beautiful combination of materials come together to present a curiously alluring appearance.
With the feel of constant movement, this quilt block will help spin a bit of joy and life into a room.  Hang on your wall, use as a table topper, or give as a gift.
Here’s your chance to enjoy a sample of a quality quilted item from Timeless Thread Design. Perfect for adding a spinning touch of timeless elegance and fun into your decor.  Experience real quilting quality!