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Giveaway Quilt Block

With an extreme difference in color and texture, black denim accents the remaining fabrics in this striking quilt block.


A grey speckled 100% cotton Batik fabric frames the embroidered diamond in the center.  It also backs this beautiful quilt block with a hanging sleeve on the back.


A French Binding finishes the quilt block and is the same 100 % cotton Batik fabric that is featured on both the front and the back of this quilt block.


Machine quilting “in the ditch” allows the different fabrics to really stand alone.  A perfect example is this textured red silk from a men’s tie.


Superimposed across the bottom right corner of the quilt block, a machine embroidered vintage linen adds a three-dimensional effect with a timeless touch of class.

Comfort Rose Quilt Drawing

All subscribers will be automatically entered in the November 1, 2020 drawing for this Comfort Rose, Large Throw Quilt measuring 68 x 68 inches

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Winner Announced November 1st, 2020

This simple yet unique combination of fabrics come together to form a Square in a Diamond quilt block.  Please subscribe for a chance to win!
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This quilt block measures 20” x 20″ with a classically simple design, an uncommon combination of denim and textured red silk offset vintage linen.
Embellished with machine embroidery. The rich coloring of red and pink carnations quietly float throughout the quilt block on simple linen.
Superimposed across the bottom right corner, silver leaves and stems support the graceful carnations.  As they dance across the decorative edging from the time-honored linen doily.
Encompassed in marbled grey cotton, the outer raw edges are bound with a French binding.  Securing the entire body of the quilt block is machine quilting. Both in and around the decorative carnations, as well as “in the ditch” throughout the rest of the quilt block.
This quilt block can be hung on your wall, used as a table topper, or given as a gift.
Here’s your chance to enjoy a sample of a quality quilted item from Timeless Thread Design. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance into your decor.  Experience real quilting quality!