Thanksgiving Blessing Quilt

One of the most celebrated holidays in America is Thanksgiving Day. It is a time for a relaxed gathering of family and friends. We use Thanksgiving as a time to strengthen existing relationships and to forge new ones. Typically, we sit around a table loaded with food, but we all know that it is the golden crispy-skinned turkey that is the highlight of the meal … well, for me it is the turkey – but more especially the pies.

Thanksgiving Pie

When we look back at the “First Thanksgiving” celebrated by the Pilgrims and Native Americans, we see that they shared their first harvest in the New World, (October 1621) forging new relationships. This feast lasted three days! I wish for those celebrations again. That first Thanksgiving included 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims (A little too large of a gathering for my house!) I don’t envy the preparation or cleanup of such a crew without gas stoves, water on tap, or electricity!

As quilting was a big part of the Pilgrim’s lives, I imagine that many quilts were present at this first Thanksgiving. I wonder if quilts were given as gifts, admired and exchanged even back then. We Americans have a long history of gifting quilts to one another. Quilts not only have historical significance, but they are traditional gifts that mark major events in a person’s life such as weddings, births, baptisms, catechisms, as well as other celebrations.

Although quilts may not be gifted in the same manner, the tradition of quilt giving has new expressions. We have the freedom to create our own family traditions. I like to think that Thanksgiving is the perfect time to look back on the year and count your blessings. A quilt created from designs based around ones many blessings makes a beautiful gift to extend to those you love. If you have a hankering to uphold the traditions of quilt-giving on Thanksgiving, then please consider contacting me hear at Timeless Thread Design to create a Blessing Quilt that will enrich the lives of the recipient, and remind them of the blessings that are theirs.

All my best wishes for a warm and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!