The Giving Quilt

the giving quilt

Once there was a quilt, the giving quilt. It was made from a family’s favorite fabrics and was stitched by hand with love. Once the blocks of colorful fabric were cut and sewn, batting and edges in place, the quilting completed, it was made whole. The quilt was placed in a box and mailed to it’s family home. 

Now the family loved the quilt and the quilt loved the family, but the quilt loved the little boy the most. Every day the boy would trace the seams of his favorite colored quilt blocks. He would use the quilt to play hide-and-go-seek, and drape it into a tent to play. His mother laid it out on the grass so the boy would not feel itchy while they shared a picnic. And when the boy was tired he would snuggle into the warm folds of its fabric to sleep. The boy loved the quilt very much. And the quilt was happy.

As the boy grew older, the quilt was folded by his mother and placed on the closet shelf. Time passed and one day the boy opened the closet and saw the quilt. To see the boy made the quilt very happy. It said to the boy, “Come, Boy, trace the seams of my colorful blocks, let’s play hide-and-go-seek, and make tents and play.” 

“I am too old for hide-and-go-seek, or play in a tent,” the Boy said.

“Then take me with you for picnics and naptime to make you happy,” the quilt replied.

 But the boy had a busy life away from the quilt, “It is time I stop picnicking and taking naps. I have a new job that has taken me into the city to work to earn money.”  The boy left the quilt alone … and the quilt was sad. 

After a long time the boy came back, and the quilt was very happy and said, “Come, Boy, trace the seams of my colorful blocks, play in a tent, hide-and-go-seek, and have a picnic on the grass.” 

The boy was distracted and said, “I am older now and I have too many responsibilities so I cannot play as I once did.”

“I wish I could give you something to make you happy,” said the quilt. 

But the boy said, “I have a new house and a wife and she will have a baby soon.” He closed the closet, and in the dark the quilt was alone and sad.

One day not too long after, the mother of the boy removed the quilt from the closet and stretched it across the floor. This delighted the quilt for it was the first time it was taken out of the closet in many years.

Then the boy returned carrying a small girl, and placed her on the quilt. The quilt quivered with joy to see the boy and the small girl. The girl laughed when she saw all of the quilt block colors. The girl crawled across the quilt, tracing the seams, and played hide-and-go-seek with the quilt, making the boy laugh. After some time, the girl rolled into the quilt’s soft folds and drifted into sleep.

“Perhaps you can give me something to make me happy after all.” the boy said to the quilt. He gathered the folds of the quilt with the little girl still snuggled inside, and took the quilt home. And the quilt loved the boy and the little girl. And the quilt was very happy.

Wishing you a happy New Year and many blessings through 2021.

Geneva, Timeless Thread Design

* Based on the story idea of “The Giving Tree”  by Shel Silverstein