The Nature Quilt

Have you ever experienced a view that takes your breath away? If you are lucky enough, you had a camera with you at just the right moment – and you were able to capture that perfect sunset over the mountains, or the whale as it breached the ocean.

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who can look out your window to a perfect forest/countryside/garden view. Perhaps you see a mountain range, rocky crags, a beautiful pasture, the ocean, or a deep blue lake. Nature’s blessings come in many forms such as a favorite fishing hole, park bench under a luxurious tree, or annual trips to the Bahamas or Hawaii. (Being from Oregon, the thoughts of a tropical beach makes me jealous!)

There is nothing more glorious than nature, no matter what piece of this green earth you love most. It would be my pleasure to create your own special nature quilt that you can wrap yourself into. I would love to give you a cozy reminder of your favorite place – all year long.

Since opening Timeless Thread Design, one of my favorite types of quilt designing is making beautiful fabric imitate the beauty of nature. Some of my quilts have been a reflection of a sunset over a mountain lake, elk standing in a mountain pasture, a field of meadow flowers. It brings me joy to capture the essence of someone’s ‘favorite camping spot’ or ‘the rocky mountains.’ and to give them a reminder of their favorite places in a nature quilt.
Some people like their bedspread to reflect the view right outside their bedroom window. (Almost like water reflecting the surrounding trees). Others are not able to journey outdoors as much as they used to, so I create them a quilt to remind them of their favorite hiking trail. It brings their favorite outdoor space indoors for them to enjoy again and again.

I have received happy praise from those who gave a nature quilt to loved ones who are now housebound due to illness or aging. They recognized their favorite view, and experienced so much joy just being able to ‘be in nature’ again. At that time, I like to imagine that the walls of their room disappear, and they are back in their favor place as they remember all the happy times they shared there.
Please contact me if you want to add the restorative touch of nature to your home, or give a nature quilt as a gift to your loved one. I will do my best to capture the essence of nature from any photograph you provide – and to give you a nature quilt to enjoy, whether you hang it on the wall or snuggle into at night.

Take your favorite place with you wherever you go, with a quilt from Timeless Thread Design.

View a few of my recent nature quilts.