Custom Sorority Quilts & Fraternity Quilts

Extend the enjoyment of your University, Sorority & Fraternity with a custom-made quilt. Show your team spirit even as you snuggle under the covers at night. Timeless Thread Design has partnered with quality fraternity & sorority fashion specialist GreekU to provide these fashionable quilts.

Sorority Quilts (Any Size)
Fraternity Quilts (Any Size)
Quilts come in any size you desire.

Common Sizes: Twin (70″x95″), Double (85″x95″), Queen (90″x108″), King (110″x110″)

Sorority Pillows
Fraternity Pillows
Many Pillow sizes are available.
Standard sizes start at 18″x 18″.
Starting at 18″x 18″, a flat rate pricing beginning at $175.
Quilt BagsQuilt bags are made of 100% cotton and will protect your quilt while in storage.$35 AND UP
Hand Embroidery WorkHand Embroidery order may include embroidery on the front and/or and back of a quilted item.

I also can hand embroider any design you desire on your quilt, or on a custom embroidered piece.

$40 AND UP
Rush FeeOptional fee applied to your order $75

University Quilts | Fraternity & Sorority Quilts

There are a number of things that go into your Custom-Made University, Fraternity or Sorority Quilt. Each one is unique unto itself.  If you need additional fabric, there is a huge selection of custom designs at GreekU Sorority and Fraternity Clothing.

Here are a few main considerations that refines an estimate for your custom quilt:

Piece Work: The cutting and sewing together of fabric forming a design.

Machine Quilting: Sewing together and/or composing front pieced fabrics with a backing fabric with batting in between, so that there is a front and a back to each quilt.

Bindings: A perimeter finish around your quilt. Concealing the raw edges of your quilt. Standard French Bindings come on all quilted items.

Batting: The material that goes in between the front and the back of your quilt making it warm and giving the quilt a bit of fluff.